Imran Farooq Murder Case:Judgement to be announced on June 18

An accountability court reserved judgement in the murder case of MQM leader Dr Imran Farooq, who was brutally killed nine years ago in London’s Edgware.
The judgement was reserved after the completion of the trial and will be announced on June 18.
Federal Investigation Agency Prosecutor Khawaja Imtiaz gave final arguments in the case today.
The FIA prosecutor said that the evidence confirmed the earlier confessional statement of the suspects in the case.
“At one side place the confessional statement, at the other prosecution’s evidence, everything will appear linked to each other,” said Imtiaz.
The CCTV footage from that time showed the suspects following Imran Farooq on the same evening of his murder, he told the court.
The prosecutor said that at the same date, the eyewitnesses saw the suspects near the residence of the slain MQM leader.
“On the same evening, the suspects left for Sri Lanka from the UK,” the prosecutor told the court.
In February, a team of Scotland Yard officers arrived in Islamabad for a week to facilitate the trial taking place in both London and Pakistan after the UK and Pakistan decided to cooperate and the UK sent the entire murder case file to Pakistan for the trial of the murder plotters.
Last year, Pakistan’s lawyer in the UK for the murder case, Toby Cadman, said Britain handed “compelling evidence” to Islamabad.
MQM leader’s wife, Shumaila Farooq, was also interviewed from London during the lengthy trial. She read out her statement on what happened on September 16, 2010, when her husband was stabbed to death outside his home in Edgware.

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