Here is how you can whiten your teeth at home

Whitening your teeth is an easy way to freshen up your appearance and can even make you look younger.
More people are looking for a natural approach to dental care and may try out some “natural home remedies,” many of which have been passed down from generation to generation.
Here we will share a simple home remedy with you that how you can whiten your teeth without paying heavy fees of the dentist.
First of all, you have to take half a cup of fenugreek seeds, six cloves and grind them until it becomes thin powder.
After grinding both ingredients, you have to mix half a cup of pink or white salt in it and mix a bit of water in it. Your teeth whitening paste is ready.
Usage:Take one tablespoon of the paste and brush your teeth for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning after waking up.
This practice will turn your teeth crystal white no matter what you drink too much coffee, paan, chalia, smoking and you don’t even need to visit a dentist and pay heavy fees for the treatment.

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