Govt taking all-out steps to deal with novel coronavirus : Zafar Mirza

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza said on Monday that the total number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus had reached 94.
He said that people should not panic and instead focus on the positive aspect of the situation. “Ninety-seven to 98% of the people who are infected with the coronavirus recover,” he said.
Dr Mirza said that the number of affected persons rose to 94 as some pilgrims who had gone to Taftan from Sukkur had tested positive to the infection.
He said that pilgrims from Taftan were quarantined after which they were sent back to their respective provinces through a systematic process.
Dr Mirza said that the provinces, taking a wise decision, decided to conduct tests of the pilgrims again. “During the retests, positive cases of the coronavirus were received,” he said.
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He urged people not to panic due to the rise in number of coronavirus cases but to think logically. Dr Mirza assured people that the government was keeping a keen eye on the issue and was taking effective steps to contain the virus.
Dr Mirza said that the health ministry had sought the help of Rangers who will assist in the screening process at three airports in the country. He praised screening methods in the country but said that there was always the possibility of a person escaping the screening process.
“Normally, when you have passengers from two to three international flights, a rush ensues and some people escape the process,” he said.
Who should be tested for the virus?
The prime minister’s aide revealed that 14 laboratories throughout the country were testing for the coronavirus. “We were among the first countries in the world who got the coronavirus testing kits. This helped us a lot,” he said.
He said that people who suffer from the common cold should not get themselves tested. “This testing is not so that we can get our doubts cleared as to whether we have the virus or not,” he said. “If we were to test everyone who sneezed or coughed, our kits will be exhausted.”
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Dr Mirza said that those people who recently came from abroad should be tested for the virus. “However, if you have returned from abroad and if you’re suffering from fever, coughing or having difficulty in breathing, then you need to get tested,” he said.
Dr Mirza said that those people whose relatives went abroad and they showed symptoms of coughing, fever or difficulty in breathing then they should also get tested as they might have come into contact with them.
“If you do not have a travel history or the person you came into contact with does not have a travel history, then please don’t go for testing,” he said. “These tests are not to clear doubts. They are for genuine cases only.”

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