FM draws OIC’s attention towards rising intolerance in India against Muslims

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has written a letter to the Ogranisation of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) secretary general and member states drawing their attention to India’s treatment of the Muslims.
Foreign Minister stated in the letter that the Muslims are being blamed for the coronavirus outbreak in the neighbouring country. They are being subjected to character-assassination and described as “human bombs,” he lamented.
The foreign minister said social media platforms are also awash with anti-Islam posts.
Holding the Muslims responsible for the spread of the coronavirus is highly dangerous, he cautioned, adding that the Hindutva extremist ideology’s long-term repercussions spell peril for the region.
Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Pakistan welcomes the OIC’s statement condemning India’s antipathy towards Muslims, calling for the organisation to raise the issue at all international forums.
Earlier, the Foreign Office had expressed deep concerns over the discriminatory and anti-Muslim policies and practices of the RSS inspired Indian government.

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