First ‘Quarantine Theater’ in Hungary set up

The “first quarantine theatreHungary introduced its first ever “quarantine theater”, set up by a group of actors who have been streaming a play through Facebook.
The play that narrates the story of a man and a woman stuck in an underground nuclear fallout shelter, making peace with the circumstances.
Titled After the End, by Dennis Kelly, the play was streamed on the social media platform a brief while before the government in the country announced closure of borders to all foreigner while also ordering a shutdown of all schools to contain the spread of the virus.
Stage director Laszlo Magacs said the play would hopefully help all those watching deal with the new situation.
This play, “After the End”, is about the interaction between two people in a closed space,” Magacs said.
“It is about tolerance, paying attention to each other, about the frustrations stemming from being locked in a small space, and the psychological game between the two people when there is no way to let off the steam.”
Annamaria Lang essaying the role of Louise in the play said: “This successful young woman finds herself …all of a sudden in a situation where she loses control.”
“This is about how we can adapt, how flexible we are and how we can preserve our common sense.”

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