ECP’s inquiry report on Daska by-polls, PM Khan should resign: Shahbaz Sharif said

PML-N President and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif commented on the recently released report of the Election Commission of Pakistan regarding rigging in the Daska by-polls and said that if Imran Niazi has the slightest respect for the law, democracy, and political ethics, then he should resign.
In an official statement, Shahbaz said that after being exposed for stealing votes in the Daska by-polls, Imran Niazi needed the “black electoral reforms, the National Accountability Bureau Amendment Ordinance, and electronic voting machines (EVMs)” to cover his government’s wrongdoing.
“Since the ECP has published the inquiry report of the Daska by-elections, action should be taken [against the government] now,” he said, adding that the PTI is making attempts to “rob and snatch people’s right to vote”.
It should be noted that two days ago, the ECP had released an inquiry report about the Daska by-polls being rigged and had revealed that the election officials and other government functionaries “did not play their designated role in a requisite manner [and] they were found puppets in the hands of their unlawful masters”.
The PML-N president said that those who believe in the Constitution, democracy, and the interest of the nation will join hands with Opposition parties to thwart the present government’s “dark plan to enslave people.”
“This horrible conspiracy will be buried with this controversial government,” he maintained, per the statement.
Shahbaz further said that being a powerful person, Prime Minister Imran Khan should let the law take its course since his government’s misconduct has been exposed.
“A prime minister needs bravery and determination, just like Nawaz Sharif, to face the law and appear before the court,” he said.

پاکستان مسلم لیگ (ن) کے صدر اور قائد حزب اختلاف شہباز شریف کا بیان ڈسکہ رپورٹ آ چکی، اب کارروائی کی جائےعوام کے سرمائے کی طرح لوگوں کے ووٹ اور اپنے نمائندے منتخب کرنے کا اختیار بھی لوٹنے اور چھننے کی کوشش ہو رہی ہے
— PML(N) (@pmln_org) November 7, 2021

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