Dr responsible for child’s death due to Polio

Boat Basin Police registered a case pertaining to the death of a two-year-old girl , who allegedly passed away after being administered polio vaccine injections, against the suspected health workers on court orders on Sunday. The case was registered under Section 321 of the Pakistan Penal Code, which relates to causing the unintended death of a person.
The father of the deceased, head constable Zareen Muhammad, told The Express Tribune that a medical camp had been set up to vaccinate children in Shireen Jinnah Colony in July 2019.
“A female health worker came to our house and took my daughter Laiba to the camp with her without my wife’s consent,” he said. “My wife told her that the baby had fever but she did not listen.”
Muhammad claimed that the doctor present at the camp had directed the health workers to administer three injections to Laiba.
As she was given the vaccine,the child’s condition deteriorated and marks appeared on her legs. The girl was rushed to a private hospital, where doctors referred them to Indus Hospital after informing them that the infection has spread in her body.
After examining the child, the doctors at Indus Hospital told them that one of her legs had become infected and would have to be amputated. According to Muhammad, his daughter succumbed to the infection before the surgery could be performed.
Although he reported the death to the Boat Basin police, he said, they did not register the case, and neither did any senior officials take action.
The father added that he approached the relevant assistant commissioner, who took the statements of the health workers responsible and other relevant individuals.
In light of the statements, the assistant commissioner consulted with the relevant court, which ordered the registration of an FIR against the health workers.

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