Details of Nawaz’s London travel confirmed

Details of Nawaz Sharif’s London travel have been confirmed that the former prime minister is set to fly to London on Monday.
According to sources, the former prime minister’s ticket has been confirmed. Nawaz will fly to London on Monday morning, November 11.
Sources revealed that as per the ticket, the return date of Nawaz’s flight is November 27.
In a media talk, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Naeem ul Haque said that the government had seen Nawaz’s reports. He said that the former prime minister was ill and the decision has been taken in light of it.
“It is the right of every Pakistani to have themselves treated as they see fit,” he said. “The government has no reservations over Nawaz seeking treatment abroad.”
Naeem said that it was up to the courts to decide how much time will be given to Nawaz to seek medical treatment.
“The court will decide as to how many times Nawaz can go abroad,” he said. “It is also up to the court to decide on how long Nawaz can stay abroad for medical treatment.”

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