Coronavirus: Bangladesh Cricketers donate Half-Month salary to Government Fund

Bangladesh’s national cricketers have decided to donate half of their monthly salary to the government fund to fight against the coronavirus epidemic.
According to the publication, 27 cricketers are donating half of their monthly salaries. Among them, 17 players are in the BCB contract list and remaining 10 players have played in the national team recently.
Read the joint statement by the players.
“The whole world is fighting against coronavirus pandemic. The outbreak of coronavirus is also increasing in Bangladesh. We, the cricketers, are trying to aware people in social media to take necessary steps to prevent this pandemic . But we believe we have many more things to do rather than just increasing awareness among people. 17 players, who are in the central contract of BCB, and 10 other players who took part in recent series for national team; in total we are 27 cricketers giving half of our monthly salaries to help against coronavirus. After excluding the tax the amount might be approximately 25 lakh around. May be this fund is not that much compare to the fight against coronavirus. But if we all together can contribute from our own position, then in combined, it might be a bigger step to fight against coronavirus. If we can take the responsibilities and try to make contribution wholeheartedly rather than criticizing others, then we can win the war against coronavirus. Everyone please stay home, stay safe. Be well and keep our country safe.”
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