Blackbox of ill-fated PIA plane recovered from Karachi crash site: spokesman

The flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Airbus 320 jetliner have been recovered from the crash site, a spokesperson of the airline said on Saturday.
“The black box had been found late yesterday, we are handing it over to the inquiry board,” PIA spokesman Abdullah Khan said, clarifying that both the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder were found.
A PIA Airbus jet with 99 people aboard crashed into a crowded residential district of the city of Karachi on Friday afternoon after twice trying to land at the airport.
Two passengers have miraculously survived the incident.
Shortly after the incident, Prime Minister Imran Khan vowed to institute an inquiry immediately. An investigation team under Air Commodore Usman Ghani has been constituted and which will “furnish its report” to the Aviation Division “within the shortest possible time”, according to a notification issued by the division.
“A preliminary statement will be issued within one month,” added the notification.

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