Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to provide $200m next year for ‘Ehsas Program’

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will provide Pakistan an amount of 200 million dollars next year to eradicate poverty in Pakistan, on Thursday.
According to details, a Memorandum of understanding was signed by both parties in a meeting held in New York.
The meeting was attended by Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chairperson ‘Ehsas Program’ Dr Sania Nishtar and Bill Gates. According to the agreement, the amount will be spent on 134 poverty alleviation projects.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister while thanking Mr. Gates for his support, said that ‘Ehsas Program’ is a big project in the history of Pakistan which will turn the country into a welfare state. He said the poverty alleviation is on the top priority of his government from day one.
He said this program will help to achieve the sustainable development goals set under the United Nations. He also expressed his commitment for the complete elimination of polio from the country.
Earlier, In a policy statement on Ehsas programme, Prime Minister Imran Khan on April 8 said that Ehsaas’ poverty reduction strategy was articulated in four pillars and it currently embodied 115 policy actions, which may be expanded as the process of consultations on the program, further widened.

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