Believe it or not, WhatsApp can end your chat groups

If you thought WhatsApp cannot delete your chat groups and terminate their chat history, think again.
As per an article on, the instant messaging platform can and does delete chat groups in a few instances.
“Seen that WhatsApp cannot see their content, because messages, media and calls are end-to-end encrypted, the moderation team uses an advanced machine learning technology based on recorded bad group information,” reads a post on
WhatsApp automatically ends groups when the group either has suspicious information (illegal group names and descriptions) or when they are reported multiple times by different users.
In the case of the former, the group may either be manually ended or automatically.
When a group ends, participants will neither be able to send messages to it nor access its chat history. It will also bar them from opening the group info and reading the list of other participants.
However, not all is lost if your favourite group is deleted by WhatsApp. The platform gives users the chance to contact customer support within the ended group to forward a request to have it restored.
“Note that WhatsApp may ban group admins from using the WhatsApp service,” warned WABetainfo.
“It is important to be careful about what groups you’re in: if you see a suspicious group, you should report and leave it immediately,” reads the post on
“In addition, be sure to select the ‘My contacts except…’ option about who can add you in groups.”
Other measures that can be taken by WhatsApp to add a major layer of security, especially if you are an admin, include restricting who can change the group’s subject and description by selecting the “Only Admins” option from the group’s settings.
“This is because of the possibility that a user account may have been stolen from malicious people, so they cannot change the group name using an illegal one. They may trigger WhatsApp systems to ban the entire group, for example making multiple participants admins and choosing illegal group information,” says
If you’re not the group admin, please explain to group admins why it’s important to protect the group.

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