Apple to make fewer iPhones as demand wanes

Arguably the most pestigious phonemaker Apple is facing slowing demand according to a new report published in Bloomberg.
The company has informed suppliers that demand for the iPhone 13 lineup may fall short of their initial expectations. the weakening demand may be an indication of waning interest in the device according to sources.
Apple was supposed to manufacture 90 million units of the new iPhone models by the end of this year. However, as per a report, Apple told its producers that units would be lower. Earlier it was reported that this lower unit production is because the tech giant’s chip suppliers. The production of the product was expected to get slashed due to the global chip deficit.
While Apple initially expected to make up 10 million units again in early 2022, according to the Bloomberg report, Apple no longer intends to hit that 90 million objective in 2022.
Users speculate that the shortfall in demand could be due to minimal improvements in the new series (iPhone 13) as well as economic factors. The iPhone 13 offered offered little more than slight advancements in camera and batterly life.
The long wait may alos have been a factor in consumer disinterest.
Despite the setback Apple is still complete a strong quarter, perhaps not what the company expected but since iPhone accounts for a big chunk of Apple’s revenue.

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