Poor weight loss plan in Ramzan can pose grave well being dangers

Medical professional have warned that poor weight loss plan and life-style throughout Ramzan can pose grave well being dangers to fasting Muslims.

Medical dietician Dr Zubair Noman mentioned meals throughout Ramzan are divided into 4 components Iftar, after Taraweeh prayers, midnight and Sehri.

It is not uncommon to have Iftar stuffed with flavoured dishes as it may well embody meals decisions from each lunch and dinner, but it surely ought to nonetheless be a wholesome meal and overeating must be averted, he added.

The Sehri meal is taken into account the ‘must-have’ fundamental meal so as to keep away from starvation throughout fasting hours.

Proteins, oils and complicated carbohydrates are the most effective decisions for Seher.

Skipping Sehri or consuming quick meals excessive in fats and salt also can set off thirst throughout fasting hours.

Conventional meals resembling fried samosa, pakora, oily meals and sugary drinks are calorie packed and must be ready in a extra wholesome approach.

Specialists additionally suggested in opposition to consuming an excessive amount of tea and low in Ramzan as they have a tendency to dam iron absorption and improve urine stream that may result in dehydration.

It’s advisable to exchange tea and low with mint and ginger drinks to keep away from bloating.

Ideally, a fasting individual ought to drink as much as eight glasses of water between Iftar and Sehri, he added.

Knowledgeable suggests a brisk stroll, sluggish jogging, biking, cross-training and lightweight machine workout routines on the health club throughout Ramzan.

“Take pleasure in your meals throughout Iftar and Sehri, however keep away from overeating by consuming slowly and making wholesome decisions. In case you are not cautious about how a lot and what sorts of meals you’re consuming, you might also acquire weight”, Dr Noman mentioned.

For Iftar, he suggested consuming loads of greens to get the required nutritional vitamins and vitamins.

Select entire grains, which additionally present vitality with fibres, grilled or baked lean meat resembling skinless hen or fish that are good sources of protein.

“Consuming dates is a standard and wholesome option to break your quick,” mentioned Dr Norman, including, dates are a wonderful supply of fibre and pure sugars, which assist enhance vitality ranges.