German court bars Italy’s Salvini from using German NGO photo

A German court has barred Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini from publishing a picture belonging to German non-profit organization Mission Lifeline on his Twitter account, a court spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday.

If Salvini violates the court decision, he would be issued a fine of up to 250,000 euros or possibly even a prison sentence in Germany.

The image in question was taken by Lifeline ship captain Friedhold Ulonska, who was angered by Salvini’s use of his picture in spreading his anti-migrant policy.

“Matteo Salvini is using image material taken by me in his hate campaign against us migrant rescuers. He did not ask me for permission,” Ulonska explain in a statement on his move to file charges.

Axel Steier, chairman of the Dresden, Germany-based Mission Lifeline, said the NGO would act similarly in the future in cases of copyright infringement.

The court spokeswoman said the decisions refers to publications in Germany.