Fire, swastika graffiti at German restaurant sparks police probe

German police said a restaurant near the city of Bremen had a swastika painted across its door and appears to have been deliberately set on fire.

The evidence points towards arson and a “xenophobic motive,” a police spokeswoman said, adding that the owners of the business in the northern town of Syke were people of foreign descent.

The suspected arsonists smashed through glass panes in a door at the back of the restaurant and painted a swastika on it. The Nazi symbol is banned in Germany.

There was no one at the premises at the time of the fire, which occurred overnight, the spokeswoman said.

The damages caused at the restaurant are estimated to come to at least 150,000 euros (163,200 dollars).

Helicopters were deployed in the night to look for the culprits, who have not yet been found.

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