Excavations begin at Germany’s Buchenwald concentration camp

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German officials have started excavating on the grounds of the former German concentration camp Buchenwald in a search for tunnels, authorities confirmed on Tuesday.

There has been speculation for years that Nazi loot might have been hidden in the tunnels at the camp, which is near Weimar in eastern Germany.

There are no specific expectations in terms of an outcome, said a spokeswoman for the German state of Thuringia’s local office for heritage management and archaeology, which approved the excavations.

The dig was sparked by research by a journalist indicating that there may be more tunnels on the Buchenwald grounds than the two known of so far, according to the state office.

The concentration camp was home to a quarry where prisoners were forced to work.

Buchenwald was the biggest concentration camp on German soil. More than 250,000 people were imprisoned there over a period of eight years.

Some 56,000 people are believed to have died there. They were either murdered or succumbed to disease and starvation.

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