Different levels of satisfaction with German democracy, study shows

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Germans are generally satisfied with the state of democracy in their country, but opinions in the east and west differ widely, according to a study.

About 37 per cent of Germans indicated a high level of satisfaction with democracy, while 45 per cent said they were partly satisfied. Only 17 per cent said they were quite or very dissatisfied.

However, the study showed significant differences of opinion between eastern and western Germany. Forty per cent of citizens in western Germany indicated general satisfaction, almost twice as many as in the states that used to make up East Germany.

Only 22 per cent of the people surveyed in eastern Germany showed themselves content with the current state of affairs, while, at the same time, 28 per cent said they were dissatisfied, almost twice as many as in the western parts of the country.

The study’s author pointed out that previous surveys had yielded similar results, albeit using differently formulated questions and answers.

The study – in which pollsters Kantar Emnid carried out telephone surveys of 5,585 individuals of voting age between September 26 and December 17, 2018, the results of which were released on Friday – was commissioned by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, an organization affiliated with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats.

Respondents were asked about their level of satisfaction with democracy as it currently exists in Germany. Possible answers ranged from very satisfied to partly satisfied or very dissatisfied.

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