Kate Middleton confident for Prince William, Prince Harry compromise

Prince William is said to be looking to end his alleged feud with Prince Harry as Kate Middleton is “hopeful of a reconciliation”.
According to The Telegraph, the Duchess of Cambridge reached out to her friends saying that it was not too late to “pull them back in”.
The brothers will meet for the first time face-to-face at their grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral after the Duke and Duchess came out with an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey.
A royal expert has revealed that the funeral will serve as a means for the two to relive emotions of their mother Princess Diana’s funeral.
Royal expert Penny Juror told FEMAIL: “This is likely to be a very emotional and reflective time for the entire family.
“I am sure that walking behind their grandfather’s coffin will bring back difficult memories for William and Harry of losing their mother.
“It will probably bring back difficult memories for their father, too.
“And I am sure it won’t be lost on any of them that the last time they walked behind a coffin, the Duke of Edinburgh was there walking with them and giving them all the courage they needed to get through the day.”

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