Islam is Not The Radical Religion that Bigots Observe


By Harun Yahya

“Undertake my religion, or die!” That’s the slogan of the fanatics. There is no such thing as a such idea as democracy, freedom of concepts, love, respect, affection, friendship or altruism in fanaticism. Some folks think about that fanaticism, and its offshoot radicalism, can settle inside a real religion. But fanaticism is itself a faith; there are representatives of the faith of fanaticism inside each thought. There are fanatics in Islam, in Judaism and in Christianity, simply as there are in Marxism, fascism and atheism. All of them espouse the identical false religion; “I do not like your concepts! Both associate with my concepts, or die!”

In current occasions specifically, this fanaticism has largely wound up being equated with Islam. Certainly, sure teams name this faith of fanaticism Islam and so they have turned their fears of fanaticism towards Islam, a lot in order that Islam, an Abrahamic religion, has come to face for “concern.” Islamophobia is talked about everywhere in the world. Persons are unaware that their fears stem, not from Islam, however from fanaticism. They fail to notice that the fanatical religion produced by peddlers of superstition has appeared within the title of Islam; no one has ever instructed them that this isn’t Islam. Neither the radicals who emerge within the title of Islam nor the Islamophobes who concern these radicals have been proven that Islam has nothing to do with this fanatical, terrifying, loveless and hate-filled religion. The radicals of Islam have begun harming the complete world, however Muslims most of all.

The phrase “average Islam” was invented for that purpose. As if there have been things like a savage Islam on one hand and a average mannequin of Islam on the opposite, Muslims against the savagery of the radicals started being known as “average Muslims.” Voices against Islam admired the advocates of average Islam, however regarded them as weak within the face of the radicals. They imagined that some peace-loving folks have been attempting to melt a savage faith (certainly Islam is above that). They even known as this “reform in Islam,” and referred to the advocates of average Islam as “reformists.” Nonetheless no one has managed to point out that this isn’t a reform, however is actually the true Islam. Though the opponents of Islam admire the “reformists,” the false power stemming from radical violence and the concept they characterize the true Islam predominated.

Peace-loving Muslims aren’t attempting to melt, reform or average Islam. Our major purpose as peaceful Muslims is to intellectually get rid of a falsehood that has been propagated beneath the title of Islam for a few years. It’s to get rid of the radicalism, fanaticism and bigotry displayed for years beneath the title of Islam and to eradicate that nonsensical religion that has nothing to do with the true Islam, and to explain the reality of Islam with proof from the Qur’an. It’s to place an finish to the worst defamation of Islam being accomplished by the fanatics up till now.

The fanatics’ drawback is that they study their religion from specious superstition. Nonetheless, those that criticize these fanatics are typically simply as radical as them and consider within the accuracy of that very same superstition. The extra we produce proof from the Qur’an, the extra they attempt to produce their very own from the superstition the fanatics subscribe to. That’s the place they make their gravest mistake.

If folks wish to know the true Islam and discover a answer to fanaticism, then they need to heed the true religion described within the Qur’an. Until they do this, radicalism will proceed to plague the world.

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