Tal Abyad just isn't what you assume!

tal abyad

By Harun Yahya

As you’ll bear in mind, the coalition companions that remained silent in the course of the 4 years of turmoil in Iraq and Syria instantly swung into motion when Kobani was focused final 12 months and offered army help to the PYD/YPG forces within the area.

On the identical time, Turkey got here underneath immense strain from the worldwide neighborhood, regardless of admitting roughly 200,000 Kurds from Kobani in a single day. Turkey strongly rejected calls to supply arms for the PYD, the Syrian department of the PKK terror group. On the identical time we issued this warning: The PYD, a terror group, and its armed wing the YPG, are extra harmful than all of the armed teams in Syria. The US should grow to be conscious of the rising communist risk.

Regardless of these warnings, little or no has modified within the angle of the US and its allies. The YPG now know the passcode that may open all doorways for them. It used Daesh card in each space it superior via, ensured that coalition planes would bomb the area and thus secured management of that territory. When occasions had been portrayed in that method within the worldwide media, all developments had been depicted as a victory; not a phrase was stated in regards to the civilians dying within the coalition assaults or native residents underneath risk by the YPG.

The identical factor has now occurred within the area of Tal Abyad. The state of affairs resulting in Turkey permitting 15,000 refugees to enter in a single day was an assault on the area being carried out by the YPG. The code phrase “Daesh” was employed once more and coalition planes horrifyingly dropped bombs on the native residents of Tal Abyad. The fascinating factor is that the realm had already been underneath Daesh management for a 12 months. The one factor new within the space was the violence inflicted on the inhabitants by the coalition bombs and the YPG.

Actually we on no account approve of the violence employed by Daesh in Syria and Iraq. However the level we want to make right here is that the YPG is taking part in the Daesh card to legitimize its personal evil and to deceive the US specifically. The horrible factor is that the US secret state equipment that has needed to see a Nice Kurdistan for the final 100 years is eager to imagine on this state of affairs and believes that its goal is being attained.

But what the wretched folks fleeing from Tal Abyad to Turkey are saying may be very completely different. Halaf Dervish who fled to Turkey with eight youngsters summarizes the state of affairs thus: “Life has come to a cease there. The coalition planes had been dropping bombs. We got here to the border to avoid wasting our lives. There’s Allah, and there may be Turkey… I thank all of the officers for letting us in.” Jalad, who fled from the city of Slouk to the east of Tal Abyad, says, “The Individuals stated they’d not kill civilians, however individuals are dying in Slouk,” including that 12 members of two neighbor households had died.

Tal Abyad Village

Jomah Ahmed, one of many Turkmens within the area, states that the YPG got here to their houses and confiscated their belongings, burned private paperwork and stated that the realm now belonged to them. He provides, “They compelled us from our village and stated, ‘This place is now Rojova’.”

In truth, in its Sinjar report Amnesty Worldwide had comprehensively revealed the crimes being dedicated by the PKK within the area. It reported that the PKK had entered Arab villages with its personal militants, killed villagers accused of supporting Daesh, not sparing girls and youngsters, slaughtered the male members of households they rounded up within the village squares earlier than their relations’ eyes, and both arrested or murdered anybody who objected. The report additionally stated that nothing extra had been heard of most of the girls who had been arrested. It’s the identical Leninist terror group that has been perpetrating terrorist actions in Turkey for the final 40 years, that inflicts violence on folks in Iraq and that has begun ethnic cleaning in Tal Abyad in Syria — the PKK, in different phrases.

The coalition powers which have closed their eyes to those terrorist actions have allowed the YPG to grab management of the area with the bombs they’ve dropped on the native folks. The YPG’s longtime plan involving uniting three Kurdish cantons and establishing a PKK line on the Turkish birder has thus come about. A communist state is being constructed on the Turkish border with US assist, and that communist state intends to unfold violence internationally, not simply within the area, and to convey again a Stalinist communist mannequin. At this level we have to ask for what the US fought in Vietnam and Korea previously. What was the purpose of the Chilly Battle with Soviet Russia? Has the US, which engaged in a life or demise battle with communism, to this point misplaced all its beliefs as to be constructing a communist state with its personal palms?

We hope not. We hope that the US just isn’t constructing a state of affairs that can finish in a hell on earth.

Our recommendation to the US and the coalition powers is to carry out a joint evaluation with Turkey, which has appreciable expertise of the matter, with regards to the PKK risk on its border and for them to appreciate that the PKK is intent on constructing a brand new North Korea, no matter the price could also be. The PKK will use all its allies and instruments of violence till it achieves its purpose of a communist world state. The US should be on its guard; though the PKK has been halted in Turkey, it’s now setting about implementing that plan in Syria and with US assist.

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